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Since the international business environment is becoming increasingly complex, countries are strengthening compliance supervision through domestic legislation and international cooperation. Strengthening compliance operations is a new trend in the development of international enterprises in recent years. As Chinese enterprises go abroad, there are sometimes cases involving China in international compliance supervision activities, and compliance risks in the process of internationalisation of Chinese enterprises have come to light. The Chinese government also pays more and more attention to governing enterprises in accordance with the law and compliance supervision. Since the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) started the pilot of the establishment of a compliance management system for centrally-managed enterprises, the compliance management of enterprises has been continuously established and improved. The notice of printing and distributing the ‘Implementation Opinions on the Establishment and Supervision of the Internal Control System’ of Centrally-managed Enterprises was issued recently to expect to improve the compliance management level in the process of enterprise reform. It also means that when enterprises conduct investment and trade activities around the world, they must abide by the rules and requirements of the global market and further improve their international compliance operations and management.

Key topics

  • Changes in the business environment of international companies
  • Analysis of Corruption Perception Index (CPI)
  • The status quo and challenges of enterprise compliance establishment in China
  • How to take advantage of a third party for risk assessment?
  • Avoid overseas law enforcement, and compliance management of cross-border business
  • The latest interpretation of the trade compliance environment
  • Risk management of overseas M&A of enterprises
  • Enterprise bribery and anti-fraud
  • Anti-bribery due diligence of the third party
  • Conduct effective internal investigations
  • How to implement internal control and the "whistleblowing" policy effectively?
  • Development and application of information tools in risk management
  • How to strengthen the enforcement of the compliance system?

Target community

  • Job title: General Counsel / Legal Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Director and Manager of Compliance / Legal / Audit / Finance / Investigation / Monitor / Risk Management / Internal Control / BD / Purchasing / Investment, Senior Forensic Accountants, Senior Counsel / Partner, Senior Advisor
  • Responsibilities: Compliance, Legal, Anti-corruption, FCPA, Anti-bribery, Integrity, Anti-fraud, Risk control, Internal control, Audit, Investigation, Supervision
  • Industry: Finance, Telecommunications, Medical, Automotive, Energy, Food, Retail, Apparel, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Rail And Transportation, Real estate